Strengthening the Food Laboratory of FP UNS Collaborates with Balai Besar Pasca Panen
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Strengthening the Food Laboratory of FP UNS Collaborates with Balai Besar Pasca Panen

The Faculty of Agriculture, Sebelas Maret University (FP UNS) cooperates with the Post-Harvest Center of the Ministry of Agriculture to strengthen the food laboratory. This collaboration was marked by the holding of an online and offline Business Strategy Plan Preparation Workshop at UNS INN, Friday (11/6/2021). The signing of the cooperation was carried out by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture UNS, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samanhudi, M.Si, IPM, ASEAN Eng, together with the Head of the Post-Harvest Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Prayudi virtually.

Prof. Samahudi said that FP UNS is committed to opening up cooperation with other institutions in line with the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka (MBKM). One of the goals of this collaboration is to strengthen FP UNS as a food laboratory.

“We agricultural universities cannot run alone, so we need to cooperate with various institutions to realize the MBKM. So that on this occasion the Faculty of Agriculture invites stakeholders in preparing a business strategy plan,” said Prof. Samanhudi.

Meanwhile, Dr. Prayudi explained the potential and challenges of agricultural development. These potentials include biodiversity, agricultural land, population, and technological innovation.

“Meanwhile, the challenges that must be faced are the fulfillment of food and nutrition needs, trade deficit per sub-sector, status and area of ??land ownership. Then the education and age of farmers, rural poverty, the impact of climate change, access to finance, consumer preferences, the industrial revolution 4.0, and the Covid-19 pandemic," he said.

Agriculture graduate

Other resource persons in the workshop were the Head of the Department of Community Empowerment, Villages, Population and Civil Registration of Central Java Province, Ir. Sugeng Riyanto, MSc. Ir. Sugeng Riyanto conveyed about the urgency of agricultural graduates in the midst of rural communities in line with various community empowerment activities in rural areas.

"Village funds that go directly to the village need assistance so that they are in accordance with their use to empower the community and strengthen the local economy. For this reason, it is necessary to join hands between the empowerment department and universities," said Ir. Happy Riyanto.

Regarding this collaboration, the Deputy Dean for Planning, Cooperation, Business, and Information, Dr. Agung Wibowo, said the points of agreement were related to the concept of Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka (MBKM). This includes internships, learning resource persons, and research, especially post-harvest activities.

"This collaboration is part of the strategic business plan for the Faculty of Agriculture to enter UNS PTNBH [legal entity university]," said the chairman of the workshop committee, Dr. Heru Irianto.

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