Faculty of Agriculture UNS Discusses Village Community Empowerment with Forest Utilization
Thursday, 06 May 2021 128 View

Faculty of Agriculture UNS Discusses Village Community Empowerment with Forest Utilization

One approach to empowering rural communities around the forest is to involve community participation. Community empowerment is a concept of economic development that encapsulates social values ??which are a reflection of the new paradigm of development that aims to improve knowledge, attitudes and behavior of the community in finding and solving problems using their own resources. This, among other things, surfaced in the webinar “Forest Product-Based Food and Livestock Management”, Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at the Faculty of Agriculture, UNS.

Webinar “Food and Livestock Management Based on Forest Products”, is a series of Community Service webinar - which was held in a series of activities to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of UNS at the Faculty of Agriculture, UNS and carried out online using the Zoom and Youtube platforms. The webinar presents 3 resource persons who are competent in their fields, namely Dr. Ir. Eka Handayanta, M.P., IPU, from the Animal Husbandry Study Program who is also the Deputy Dean for Academics and Student Affairs of FP UNS with the material "Silvopastura"; Dr. Sapja Anantanyu, S.P., M.Si, Head of the UNS Development Counseling Doctoral Study Program with the title "Empowerment of Forest Village Community Institutions (LMDH)"; Yus Andhini Bhekti Pertiwi, S.Hut., M.Sc., Ph.D, Forest Management Study Program FP UNS with the topic "Stingless Honey Bee Cultivation".

Appear early in presenting the material Dr. Sapja Anantanyu said "It is indeed possible to use forest by the community, especially if the land is idle, it is very unfortunate, however, it must be noted that the existence of these forest functions, production forest, protected forest, of course requires very different management models".

"Farmers, so that the community around the forest has a high level of participation, so that the empowerment efforts are successful, then how should we provide the widest possible information, giving as many opportunities as possible for them to get involved in more ways."

Meanwhile Dr. Ir. Eka Handayanta, MP, IPU in his presentation on “Silvopastura” stated that silvopastura is a form of agroforestry (forestry) management of forest areas which is combined proportionally with livestock business. The benefits of Silvopastura are optimizing the results of land use, optimizing labor resources, and increasing income and or community welfare.

The third resource person, Yus Andini Bhekti Pertiwi, S.Hut. M.Sc, Ph.D with the topic "Stingless Honey Bee Cultivation" focuses more on the introduction of honey-producing bees profiles and honey cultivation techniques from stingless bees. Yus Andini, Ph.D said that the advantages of stingless bee cultivation (Trigona sp) producing honey have many advantages, including: easy to maintain (easy to adapt and not easy to run away); does not sting; does not require a large area; availability of feed throughout the year; and the relatively more expensive price of honey and propolis.