oleh : Edhi Nurhartadi 1) dan Endang Sutriswati Rahayu


Kategori : Teknologi Hasil Pertanian

Volume : IV. No I Februari 2011

Kata kunci : , amylolytic yeast, ragi tape soluble starch, S. fibuligera E-3

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The demand of sugar increase every year caused by people growth. Indonesia has starchy materials like tapioca and for long time used to produce food by traditional fermentation with ragi tape. Ragi tape contains many amylolytic and fermentative microbial. The object of this study was to isolate amylolytic yeast from ragi tape, which could be used to produce amylolytic enzymes as an alternative source of amylolytic enzyme from microbial origin. Isolation was done by dilution and spread plate methods on peptone glucose yeast extract soluble starch (PGYS) agar medium, incubated 30OC, for 2 days and purified with same medium. The isolates were then identified based on morphology and physiology profiles. Selection of the strongest isolate with high amylolytic potent was done with amylolytic activity. The chosen isolate was then used to produce amylolytic enzyme in yeast extract malt extract soluble starch (YMS) medium with variation of soluble starch content. 15 amylolytic yeast isolates have been isolated, and then identified with taxonomic keys were suspected as Debaryomyces vanriji (4 isolates), Saccharomycopsis fibuligera (3 isolates), and Pichia burtonii (8 isolates). They could grow well on starch medium. The result of selection based on amylolytic activity showed that S. fibuligera E-3 was the strongest among the others. From the fermentation, this research obtained the cells content increased or obtained logarithmic phase in 1 st day of fermentation, and after 2 st day reached stationary phase medium. The reduction sugar content increased in 1  day of fermentation, after 2 day was increased slowly. The soluble starch content was decreased rapidly in 1  st  day, after 2 nd  day was decreased slowly. The glucoamylase activity was high at 1 st day, but in 2 nd day was low. S. fibuligera had glucoamylase activity 44.13 mg glucose/L/min/1 ml enzyme solution.

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