oleh : Hanifah Ihsaniyati


Kategori : Agritexts

Volume : No, 28 Desember 2010

Kata kunci : information, information need, peasants

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Abstrack :
Information has a very important role in our efforts to reach goals. It serves to reduce uncertainty, particularly as input to solve problems, make decisions, plan and improve knowledge.  The objectives of this study were to identify the peasants’ need for informations. The research used a qualitative approach with a constructivism paradigm. It was found in the research site that to maintain all of the jobs they were serious engaged in, information had become an important factor. Their need for informations was inseparable from the problems they experience in both farming and non-farming activities. They need not only farming but also non-farming informations. The information need of among the peasants were different depending on the type of peasant. The information need of the peasant that take hight risk different from the peasant that take low risk.

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