oleh : Bekti Wahyu Utami, SP. MSi, Emi Widiyanti, SP. MSi, Agung Wibowo, SP. MSi


Kategori : Agritexts

Volume : No, 24 Desember 2008

Kata kunci : Performance field extensions workers, Organic agriculture

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Abstrack :
This research was conducted in Sragen Regency in which performance field extension workers very determining efficacy Sragen Regency as biggest organic sentra rice in the year 2010. So this research aimed at observing performance of field extensions workers spacious in rice organic program.In this research performance field extensions workers in organic rice program in Sragen Regency seeing from indicator such as reliability, responsiveness, assurance, emphaty and tangible Proportion analysis test showed all value from indicator used give the result to accepted hypothesis zero (H0) and refused alternative hyphotesis (H1). It’s mean research hypotesis inferential unprovable, so performance field extensions workers in organic rice program it’s bad/low.

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