oleh : S. Mudmainah dan Purwanto


Kategori : Agrosains

Volume : Volume 12 No. 2, Juli - Desember 2010

Kata kunci : red pepper, Begomovirus, PCR, I-ELISA

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Abstrack :
The aim of this research is to study the symptom appear in the fields  caused by Begomovirus or other viruses. The laboratory research was conducted using I-ELISA detection to comfirm Begomovirus and other mixed viruses, and PCR detection to study coat protein band DNA of Begomovirus. The sample was collected from the plant showing symptom of Begomovirus infection. The results showed that  I-ELISA detection there was symptoms variation is the field. The variations were caused by the complicated infection among Begomovirus, Tobamovirus, Cucumovirus, and Potyvirus. Based on PCR detection using universal primer, coat protein of Begomovirus could amplify DNA fragment at 580 bp.

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