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Kategori : Agrosains

Volume : Volume 11 No. 2, Juli - Desember, 2009

Kata kunci : NFT, medium, flowrate

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This experiment studied the effect of medium, flowrate and the interaction both of them to the growth and sawi's yield by hidroponic NFT. This experiment had been done in Green House, Agriculture Faculty UNS within altitude 95m above sea level in january up to july 2008. These experiment was arranged factorialy using RAL with 2 treatment factor. First, kind of mediums which consist of 3 levels. They are M1(paper), M2(gravel) and M3(dacron). Second, kinf of flowrate which consist of 2 levels. They are Q1(1,5 litre/minutes) and Q2(litres/minutes). Every treatment was repeated 3 subtances. The results of experiment show the used 1,5 liters/minutes flowrate are able to increase the real plant higher is compared to 0,75 liters/minutes. The used 1,5 litres/minutes and 0,75 litres/minutes have a good flowrate for sawi so it can support the yield of sawi. Dacron are able to support root's growth better than gravel and paper. The used pf paper, gravel and dacron can supply nutrition and water to all of bed so it can support the yield of sawi. There are no interaction between the used of medium within flowrate to the growth and the yield of sawi

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