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Kategori : Agrosains

Volume : Volume 11 No. 1, Januari - Juni 2009

Kata kunci : cow pea, organic fertilizer, cow urine, manure fertilizer

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The soil physical conservation is expected can repair chemistry and biological character. Fertilizing with organic fertilizer can repair physical as well as chemical and biological character. The research aims to find out the effect of concentration cow urine and manure fertilizer dose on growth and yield of cow pea (Vigna sinensis L.). The method of the research was factorial design based on Randomized Completely Block Design (RCBD) with two treatment factors. The first factor is concentration of liquid organic fertilizer cow urine that consist of four levels, that were: without fertilizer, concentration 1,5 cc/l, concentration 3,0 cc/l and concentration 4,5 cc/l. The second factor was manure fertilizer dosage that consists of  four levels, that were without manure fertilizer, 5 ton ha -1, 8 ton ha -1 and 10 ton ha -1. The research conducted from July until October 2007 at Sobokerto Village, Sambi District,  Boyolali Regency, Central Java.
The result of this experiment could be concluded as follow: liquid cow urine fertilizer concentration treatment was not significant effect for the all parameters, while manure fertilizer dosage showed significant different on growth and yield. The highest fresh pod per plants was got on combination treatment between concentration liquid organic fertilizer cow urine 1,5 cc/ l and manure fertilizer 10 ton ha-1  that was as 246,64 g.

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