Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Bambang Pujiasmanto, MS


Prof. Dr. Samanhudi, S.P.,M.Si.

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Ir. Joko Sutrisno, M.P.

Vice Dean for Administration and Finance

Hery Widijanto, S.P.,M.P.

Vice Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs

Dr. Ir. Sudadi, M.P.

Head of Soil Science Department

Agung Wibowo, S.P.,M.Si.

Head of Agricultural Counseling& Communication Department

Dr. Ir. Eka Handayanta, M.P.

Head of Animal Science Department

Ir. Bambang Sigit Amanto, M.Si.

Head of Science and Food Technology Department

Prof.Dr. Ir. Hadiwiyono, M.Si

Head of Agrotechnology Department

NuningSetyowati, S.P.M.Si

Head of Agribusiness Department

R. KuntoAdi, S.P., M.P.

Head of Agribusiness Department (Diploma)

R.Baskara Katri AnanditoS.T.P.,M.P

Head of Agricultural Product Technology Department (Diploma)